Impact Swing
Impact Swing

Impact Swing

By Dr. Sol Adoni



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Impact Position of Impact Swing


The difference between every pro golfer and amateurs is every pro has an IMPACT SWING.

There are many roads to an IMPACT SWING but the longest pros in history all had a few common things in their swing.

From Bobby Jones to Sam Snead, Jack and Daly and a young Tiger, even Freddie and Davis Love III and today’s bombers like Dustin Johnson and Bubba, all these long hitters had a few things in their swings that created long distance bombs.

Impact Swings have many different styles such as:

You can swing upright or flat.

You can have a strong or weak grip.

You can have a short or long backswing.

You can have a slow or fast tempo.

You can swing inside or out.

Yet at one moment in the swing, every pro golfer is virtually identical and that is at IMPACT, thus the name IMPACT SWING.

At a few other points in the golf swing  the longest hitting pros in their era all shared similar things in their swings such as at address as well as the top of their back swings and all of them were identical at IMPACT.

Once you learn how to correctly ANALYZE an IMPACT POSITION you will see what most amateurs all do wrong and what all pros do correctly.

Learning how to get your current swing into an an IMPACT POSITION similar to pros will give you an IMPACT SWING.

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