Sol Adoni
Sol Adoni

Dr. Sol Adoni

Dr. Adoni has received many honorary doctorates in his life for math, computer science and astrophysics.

He is the author of over 100 books and academic papers and the discoverer of many new theories in math and physics.

Dr. Adoni is Dean Emeritus of Universitius and the founder of HelixQ an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Computer Language.

Dr. Adoni is an accomplished golfer who regularly qualified for senior golf events such as the US Senior Open and US Senior Amateur.

Dr. Adoni is the first golf instructor to focus on the identical aspects of all great swings and the common denominator is the IMPACT SWING that produces the professional IMPACT POSITION.

Once an amateur golfer learns the basic things that all pro level swings have in common, they can then start to train their own swing in order to incorporate the essential aspects of the IMPACT SWING into their own swing.

There is no ‘perfect swing’, but there is a PERFECT IMPACT SWING that produces the most efficient IMPACT POSITION for almost any swing.

There are many roads to an IMPACT SWING, and it doesn’t matter if you have a flat or upright swing, a long or short swing, a fast or slow swing or an inside or out swing. All that matters is for you to have that IMPACT POSITION that all pros have and that is the IMPACT SWING theory.


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